Summarize any document quickly using Topicmarks

Too Lazy to read ? Don’t worry there is an online tool now to do all the reading for you.
It summarizes the document for you. It makes a list of all the facts, and also gives a summary, keywords etc.

The Document types supported are:

  • pdf
  • doc , docx
  • odt
  • htm, html
  • txt

You need to register on their site here. Activate your account and  you are good to go.

Once uploaded your document undergoes the following steps :

  • Queuing text
  • Starting text reading
  • Splitting sentences
  • Generating tokens
  • Parsing sentences
  • Generating facts
  • Extracting terms
  • Saving text knode
  • Finishing text reading

Visit the site here.

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  1. lucasbytegenius

    That’s quite interesting, but as I like to read I think I would have a problem using this 🙂


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