Put.io review and tutorial


“Hassle-free torrenting in the cloud”

Thats what the Put.io website says, and what it does too.

In short it gives you space to transload your torrents to their severs and use it as a storage space.

Once the torrents are downloaded in your space, stream/download its upto you.

Its really quite simple.

The plans start from $9.90 for 50Gb a month to $19.90 for 200 Gb a month of storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Once you start using the service, you will realise that the plans are dirt cheap for the service they provide. Especially for students like me, using university networks which block torrents.

So, the interface is made up of 3 main interfaces: Dashboard, Transfers and Your Files

The Dashboard is an overview of your Put.io account, with the recent downloads list and overall space used.

Dashboard   put.io

The Transfers interface allows you to transload torrents using URL or by uploading a .torrent file. The transloading is almost lighting fast if there are enough seeders as it is done using Put.io’s server speeds.

Transfers   put.io

Once the file is on the server, you can access it using Your Files. They also allow you to stream a media file – either in the browser or on your desktop media player (VLC FTW !)

Your Files   put.io (1)


Video   put.io

Files can be downloaded directly or even multiple files zipped ( .zip format). This is generally the most efficient method of downloading files – although its listed as an experimental feature.

You can also “Subscribe” to torrents – basically RSS feeds of a set of torrents, everytime there is an update it is downloaded to your space.

Subscriptions   put.io


There is also a “Friend” system which allows you to share files – which is a pretty useful feature.

Sharing   put.io

Their servers are located in

Default (Netherlands)
Germany (Nurnberg)
USA (Washington, DC)
USA (Seattle, Washington)
USA (Delaware, Wilmington)
USA (Atlanta)
United Kingdom (Liverpool)
Japan (Tokyo)
Singapore (Singapore)
France (Roubaix)
Canada (Montreal)

If you are in one of the above countries or close to one of them, the download speeds are upto 1-3 Mbps

You can have a free trial and try it out. (Ps. You are legally allowed to share your account with friends too 😉 )

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  1. Olek

    Put.io is fast and easy to use. The service offers media streaming which can save local storage and time. More information here: http://ergonotes.com/put-io-test-drive/


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